Screen Color Calibration
Stunning Color Accuracy & Perfect Photos..

Whether I work as a photographer or graphic designer, I have to make sure my PC display is accurately representing colors which can be the difference between the perfect edit or something washed out! That’s why my display should be calibrated all the time, because nobody is seeing exactly the same thing as myself. In general, most screens are too bright, and have whatever default color the monitor happens to ship with. That’s why I always use X-rite i1 Publisher calibration on my PC screens so that it shows the perfect color, for my digital photography, design or artwork. All the photos are delivered “color corrected & calibrated” to every single customer, for critical work.

Best Investment & Professional Gear..

Having shot with Canon© for my entire career, I have gained a lot of experience using Canon© equipment and I have a excellent handle on the quality of images they produce, which is exceptional. In fact, I’ve been hired for several professional photography gigs around the Country, over 100 weddings, 700 events and 400 portraits and families assignments, which I never experienced camera shutter failure or lens malfunction, Canon© never left me down! Total of 5 camera bodies (2 1DX MK3 – 2 1DX MK1 and 1 6d) + 25 lenses.

Flat rates only / Private & Secured Google Drive link or USB…

Unlike many studios, I don’t charge per photo, my prices are single flat rate (charged hourly) and transparent from the outset, you’ll know the cost and what will be delivered. I always work hard and professionally editing all the images and then deliver them to you in Full Color, Ultra high DPI high resolution, via USB stick or a link from my private Google Drive to your email, without any watermarks. Your images can then be shared and printed by you and your family and shared as often as you like. – And for full info and pricing, please ask for the 2022 IPP brochure.